June 18, 2021

Mashable article The Merlin and Xile entertainment companies announced Wednesday that the teams will each host a “Merlin-inspired” series of arena shows in 2021.

The shows will take place in two “merlin” arenas located in Atlanta and Orlando, Florida.

Merlin will host the shows, which are being filmed at the Georgia Dome, which has been renamed the Georgia Dream Dome in honor of the iconic Atlanta Braves star and Atlanta native.

The show will begin on March 31, 2021 and run through April 7, 2021.

“We are thrilled to be part of the growing network of sports entertainment brands that are expanding into sports arenas in the United States, including Atlanta’s Dream Dome and Atlanta Braves Park,” said Xile President, President and CEO, Alex Rieger.

“The Braves have been a longtime part of Atlanta and we are excited to host their home games on the Dream Dome for the second consecutive year.”

The shows are the first of a multi-year deal that will be announced in the coming months.

“We are excited that our partners at AMC Entertainment have chosen to create a brand that represents the iconic Merlin character and our passion for sports and the Atlanta Braves,” said Merlin CEO and President, Matt DeBolt.

“With the introduction of this series, we are taking a unique and exciting opportunity to bring the brand to the next level.”

The teams will also host a special event for fans that includes a Merlin car, the first ever Mercedes-Benz Supercar.

The teams have also announced a number of other shows in the Atlanta area.

On April 5, 2021, the Braves will play their home opener at the new Mercedes-AMG Georgia Dome in front of an estimated 4.5 million fans.

In May, the Atlanta Falcons will play in Philips Arena.

On May 18, 2021 the Braves’ home opener against the Houston Astros will take on a packed field at Philips Arena and fans will get the first look at their team’s new home in 2019.

On June 4, 2021 Atlanta will host its first Super Bowl.

“It is very exciting to be a part of this partnership with the Atlanta Hawks and Merlin,” said DeBortel.

“Atlanta has a rich history of showcasing the talents and traditions of the team.

It is a tremendous honor for us to be able to host a game at the Mercedes-Amigas Georgia Dome for our fans.”

Fans will also get a first look for the Atlanta Dream Dome, a 20,000-seat stadium built in honor and homage to the legendary Atlanta Braves.

The Atlanta Dream is the home of the Braves, who are scheduled to host the first game in the new stadium in 2021, with the game scheduled for the final home game of the 2020 season.

The Atlanta Dream will be one of two new Mercedes Stadiums in the league to be constructed in 2021 and is the first to include the Mercedes name on the inside of the dome.

It will be the first time that Mercedes Stadium will feature a Mercedes-branded interior, and the first Mercedes Stadium in the National Basketball Association to feature a seating capacity of 20,100.

The new Mercedes Dome will also be home to Mercedes-themed signage, merchandise, and other merchandise for the Mercedes Superstar Brand.

In 2021, Mercedes-designed signage will be installed on the side of the Mercedes Stadium, including signage for the team and Mercedes Superstore.

The Mercedes SuperStar Brand will be available for purchase in the Mercedes Sports Store in the store on all Mercedes Stadium retail properties.

Mercedes-AMIGas Atlanta Dream Arena will also serve as the team’s home base from 2020 through 2023.

Merlins-AMAGas Atlanta Dome is scheduled to open for the 2019-20 season on March 6, 2021 against the Detroit Pistons at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Merlins-AMAgas Atlanta Domes 2018-2019 Season Schedule:Mercedes Stadium (Merlin) and Mercedes-AMS Atlanta Damps 2019-2020 Season Schedule (Atlanta) Mercedes-Mercedes Atlanta Dream Domes 2019-2019 Schedule Mercedes-ATL Atlanta Dream (Atlanta Falcons) and ATL Atlanta Dunes 2019-2018 Season Schedule Atlanta Dream Stadium 2019-2016 Mercedes-Atlanta Dream Damps (Atlanta Braves) Atlanta Dream and Atlanta Mercedes Dunes (Atlanta Hawks) Atlanta Falcons and Mercedes Dames 2016-2018 Atlanta Mercedes-Superstars Atlanta Dream Atlanta Dams Atlanta Dream 2016-2017 Atlanta Mercedes Atlanta Dream 2019-2017 Mercedes-NBA Atlanta Dames (Atlanta Mavericks) Atlanta NBA Dames and Mercedes NBA Domes (Atlanta Bucks) Atlanta Hawks Mercedes-MLB Atlanta Dods (Atlanta Lakers) Atlanta Bucks and Mercedes Mercedes Dams 2016-2020 Atlanta Mercedes Mercedes-WAS Atlanta Dads Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Hawks 2018-2022 Mercedes-TNT Atlanta Dream Hawks Mercedes Atlanta Doms Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Hawks Falcons and Atlanta Dream Falcons 2018-2020 Mercedes-NASCAR Atlanta Daws Atlanta Days Mercedes Atlanta

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