July 2, 2021

The Xbox One X and the PlayStation 4 Pro have been the subject of some great discussion on gaming forums.

And, of course, they’re both great machines, but it seems like a lot of people aren’t talking about what’s inside the box.

But it turns out, there’s something in the box, and it could be a big deal.

As the Verge’s Ben Kuchera points out, the Xbox One S and PS4 Pro are both available to purchase today for a cool $1,399.

The Xbox S comes with a $1-plus price tag while the PS4 features a much lower price tag of $999.

The differences are, of the two consoles, they look completely different.

While the Xbox S and the PS 4 Pro feature a slightly different design, there are still some things that seem to stand out.

The Xbox One Pro features a larger screen and a better camera than the Xbox X, which is something that’s a big selling point for Microsoft.

And while the Xbox 720 is smaller than the PS One X, it’s not as large as the PS 1080.

It’s also a lot thinner.

The PS 1080, on the other hand, is a lot bigger than the 720.

The reason for that is that it’s powered by an AMD processor and an NVIDIA GPU.

The more powerful processor has the ability to crunch more data and is able to process the extra power faster, but at the same time, it requires a lot more processing power to do that.

So, the more power, the better.

That being said, the PS Pro comes with an Nvidia GPU that’s significantly faster and more efficient than the one in the Xbox 1080.

This is a significant difference in performance that has been a big point of contention among gamers.

And in addition to the Xbox Pro’s higher performance, it comes with 4K gaming, HDR, and 4K Blu-ray playback.

In addition to these improvements, the console comes with much faster Wi-Fi than the 360, as well as a newer CPU.

The CPU is a 6-core CPU and the GPU is a 3-core chip, which means it can handle all the processing that needs to be done in a console.

This means that if you’re playing a game on your PS4 or Xbox One, you’ll be able to use a higher-end CPU or GPU without any additional effort.

The PS4 and Xbox One are also compatible with the Microsoft Band, which allows you to play games like games like Gears of War 4 on the PS5.

However, while that feature isn’t new, it is one that’s actually been a feature of the Xbox Band since it launched back in 2018.

It was also included with the PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox 720.

And the Xbox 360 and PS3 have a small bump in functionality compared to the PS and PS 4, which adds some features that were missing in the previous consoles.

It’s still not clear whether this is a major upgrade or a downgrade, but for gamers who are looking to upgrade to the new consoles, these specs are certainly worth considering.

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