July 14, 2021

It’s not just that Lucas is the first major studio to drop the word “entertainer”.

It’s also that Lucis Entertainment’s business model is built on being the best place to be.

That’s the message of CEO and co-founder Luca Caruana Galletti in an interview with The Guardian.

“We’re the biggest company in the world right now, we’re the fastest growing.

We have the fastest growth in the entertainment industry.””

And this is an industry that we can’t survive without the creative power that’s created,” he adds.

“This is an incredibly lucrative and challenging industry.”

The company has built up its online presence and is a key player in the nascent esports market, with more than 40 teams competing for millions of dollars each year.

It’s no surprise then that many of the game’s most prominent names are now on board.

The announcement of the Lucas esports franchise and the acquisition of esports organisation Luminosity in 2016 marked the company’s first foray into the world of esports.

In fact, a year after the acquisition, Luca announced his retirement from his role as CEO, with his son Mario taking over.

“Lucas has been a tremendous asset for us,” said Luminosity’s CEO.

“He’s an incredibly smart guy, and we’ve been really lucky to have him as part of our family.”

“We’ve been incredibly lucky to be working with him and have had a great relationship with him,” added his son.

“His vision, his vision for our company is incredible, and it’s an absolute pleasure for everyone to have the opportunity to work with him.”

Lucas’ departure comes after a year of turmoil for the company, with the departure of founder Tomáš “Olli” Švejda in April and the departure in September of the esports organization’s top executive, Alex “aizy” Kostiš.

Lucas himself is also no stranger to controversy, with several major controversies dating back to his role in the creation of the video game League of Legends.

The company’s future is now in the hands of a new CEO.

Lucas, who was born in Romania, studied business and business administration at the London School of Economics, and worked at several leading firms in the European capital before starting his own company, Lucasset.

In 2017, Lucascet sold to a group of Chinese investors.

Lucasset was founded in 2010 and it has since become one of the largest entertainment companies in the Czech Republic.

The group’s most notable clients are the Chinese film studio BAM-TRAK, which produced several of Lucassets most popular films, and the Polish film studio Děbřeżny, which made films for the likes of Disney, DreamWorks, and Paramount.

Lucascet has also produced films for Disney, Sony Pictures and Netflix, including the critically acclaimed hit Frozen.

The company’s most recent major project was The Great Wall, which was released in 2018.

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