July 3, 2021

A live-interview series with “Asteroid Hunter” actor and screenwriter Daniel C. Dornan will debut on Netflix on October 10, as part of a multi-part series of interviews.

Dornsan, who was born in Brooklyn, will speak with the series’ co-creator, “Acerola” writer/director Michael Moore, in the premiere episode of “Actors and Interviews,” premiering October 8 on Netflix.

Densons new work is slated to premiere on October 15.

“Ascalon” will chronicle the life of a space-faring human being who is trapped in a post-apocalyptic world, and has a life of his own in a dystopian future where there is no hope.

“I’ve been a fan of ‘Arrested Development’ since I was a kid,” Dornsans wife, actor, and producer, Danielle Aron, told The Jerusalem Press.

“This is going to be my second time doing it.

It was something I wanted to do for years.

And now it’s happening.

I think it’s great.”

The series is being directed by Michael Moore and is expected to air on Netflix sometime this year.

The interview series will be conducted by Dornans son, Josh, who will appear in a new episode on October 12.

“We’re just getting started with Josh and our cast, so I’m super excited,” Aron said.

“It will be a new kind of interview where we’re not just talking to the stars, but talking to people who are really good friends.

I know it’s a little difficult because we’ve been doing this for years and years, but I’m excited to have the opportunity to do it with our own two eyes.”

“A Scandal in Bohemia” star and “Arrests” executive producer Dan Stevens, who is also executive producer of “Arbitrary Subjects,” also recently spoke about the series, which will feature a cast that includes “Avengers” actor Josh Brolin and “Game of Thrones” actress Lena Headey.

“One of the things I loved about ‘Arbitrical Subjects’ is that we weren’t able to get the cast together for the interviews,” he told The New York Times.

“So, this time, we are all sitting around talking about the show and we’re really excited about it.”

“Dornsans new work will premiere on Netflix in early 2018. “

While there will be no footage of ‘The Avengers’ actors, they are all close friends and are definitely in line for scenes,” the publication noted.

‘Arrival’ star, Zoe Saldana, is also in talks to join the cast. “

The cast will include Josh Brolins character, ‘Acerolian’, a human who has lost everything, and Lena Heades character, A.D. ‘Archer’ from ‘Ars Arcanum.’

‘Arrival’ star, Zoe Saldana, is also in talks to join the cast.

The project, which has been in development since 2016, has been co-produced by Aron and Moore.

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