July 5, 2021

DirectTV is taking the social media battle to Netflix in the United States.

DirectTV, which has a billion-dollar valuation, is targeting streaming and video content through its new “All Access” service.

The company is targeting content like live sports, concerts and music to its millions of subscribers in the US.

The streaming giant is targeting an audience that’s about 70% male and 30% female.

It also has a large demographic of users with a broad range of incomes and levels of education.

Netflix’s platform is based on a model of linear TV that’s a bit different than the traditional pay TV model.

A TV subscriber is required to subscribe to a bundle of channels, with a minimum of two channels on each pay TV subscription plan.

That’s how Netflix is different from other streaming services.

But, there’s one difference that DirectTV CEO, Steve Chen, believes makes it an ideal platform for streaming.

“The difference between directv and other companies is that directv does not have a pay-TV footprint,” Chen said.

“So there’s no linear TV footprint.

That means we can reach a lot of people with very low costs.

That has always been our objective.”

This makes directv an ideal candidate for Netflix to target the US audience.

In the United Kingdom, for example, it’s the only pay TV service with a linear TV presence, which means that users are not required to have a cable subscription.

And in the UK, the price of a Netflix subscription is roughly the same as that of a directv subscription.

But for the streaming giant, Chen said that “we’re seeing an emerging market for directv, and that’s going to be a very interesting challenge for us.”

While the US service is targeting a demographic that’s largely young, it also has an older customer base that may not be able to afford a subscription.

It’s important to note that directvs platform does not offer live TV, so the video content is mostly clips and highlights from movies and TV shows.

But Chen said the company plans to increase the number of channels it offers through “All-Access.”

That means the company will have more than 600 new channels in the coming months.

It’s important for directvs to take advantage of the popularity of the service, said Chen, because it gives the company a chance to prove its point about how great it is.

“I think directv is the perfect platform for us because we’re the only one in the world that has this new model of live TV.”

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