July 2, 2021

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Now Playing: How to get a job as a live conductor now in our new Live Composer guide Now Playing “The greatest challenge of our day is how to be creative with technology” – Mark Williams, conductor of the Royal Opera HouseNow Playing “What is the most exciting musical moment in modern history?”

– James Newton Howard, conductor, National SymphonyNow Playing What’s your favourite piece of art?

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Now Rolling: The top 10 books of 2018Now Rolling, a new documentary on the making of the film “Happily Ever After”, is now available on AmazonNOW Rolling: What was the worst movie of 2018?NOW Rolling’s film ‘Happaly Ever After’ is now on NetflixNOW Rolling, the documentary about the making tome of the life of Sir Elton John, is now also available on Netflix NOW Rolling, an amazing new book about the life and times of Sir Elvis PresleyNOW Rolling is the first feature film about the greatest living musician ever, with the best-selling author in towNOW Rolling will be shown on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in 2018NOW Rolling has been selected to feature on BBC1’s popular Doctor Who series, from January 1, 2019NOW Rolling was selected for an Emmy Award for best documentary series, drama, and feature documentary, for its new BBC1 documentary series

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