August 4, 2021

Filipinos in the capital, Manila, may be enjoying their entertainment more than ever before thanks to a thriving cinema chain.

The Philippines, known for its nightlife, has more than 2,500 cinemas, the majority of which are operated by Amblin Entertainment, which is the third-largest cinema chain in Asia after China and Japan.

In recent years, the Philippine government has also been promoting the country’s film industry, encouraging the development of cinemas that are more modern and modernist.

Amblins films have won numerous international awards including the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

But, it is the Philippine Cinema Association (PCA) that is pushing for greater transparency, accountability and investment in the countrys cinemas.

The PCA recently released its first report on the state of the Philippine cinema industry, which revealed that more than 20% of cinemagoers are currently unemployed.

“This is a very sad situation because the Philippine film industry is a great industry,” said Amblín’s director of marketing, Jhonny C. De La Cruz.

“If the PCA was honest, they would report the number of unemployed cinemagoer workers.

We need to know how many cinemagoes are open, how many are still under construction, and what they are doing to keep them going.”

The PDA says the industry is at a critical juncture.

“We have a huge problem with understaffing and the lack of funding for the new film and TV productions,” said De La Candre.

“So it is important to create more cinemas so that the industry can sustain itself.

We are currently working with the PVA, which represents the film industry in the Philippines, to create a cinema plan for the Philippines.”

The Philippines needs to improve its film industry to become a global powerhouse, but the country has not yet taken the necessary steps to attract foreign investment.

A study commissioned by the Philippines Film Board in 2016 found that nearly one-third of cinemagos are not in service, and more than half of cinemagos have a capacity of fewer than 15 seats.

In 2017, a report by the National Film Board (NFB) found that Filipino cinema had the worst quality of production in the world, and that there were a total of 9,936 movies and shows in cinemas in 2017.

“Filipinos have been a very, very lucky country to have been able to create such a great film industry,” De La La Cruz said.

“I am sure there are many things we can improve on.

We have a lot to improve, but we are just in the process of doing so.”

To get a sense of how the Philippines is performing, we spoke to the industry insiders about what the country needs to do to become more competitive.

“In the last 20 years, Filipinos have created a lot of films, but unfortunately, a lot has been lost in translation,” De Lima said.

He pointed out that the Philippines has lost the world’s number one film industry and a number of world class film festivals.

“The Philippines is losing out in the international film business,” he said.

De Lima also believes that the PPA has not done enough to support the film sector.

“A lot of things have been left out,” De Lago said.

The Philippine Film Board says that Amblini has done a lot for the Philippine economy, but it needs to continue to invest in the cinemas to keep the industry thriving.

De Candre said that in 2018, the PGA will be introducing a new national investment plan for cinema.

The plan will be a strategic plan that includes projects that aim to attract international investors.

“That will create a very strong sense of ownership,” De Candro said.

But that will take time.

“One of the challenges that we are facing in the next 20 years is that the film and television industry is growing so fast that it will take a long time for the cinemagoes to reach a saturation point,” De la Candre warned.

“At that point, it will be too late.

You can’t create a lot more theatres, and it will create more empty seats.”

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