August 8, 2021

What’s that you’re saying about me?

What are you doing?

I can’t believe you’re talking to me.

Well, that’s because I’m Axios.

And Axios is here to help you get your information to the right place.

The show’s been on for eight seasons now, but that’s not really a record, because the series is based on Axios’ news and opinion column, called Axios Tonight.

But we’re hoping to make this a full-fledged podcast, and to share it with you all over again.

So here are the rules: You can listen to Axios right now, and we’ll try to answer your questions on the show as we go along.

We will, however, be making some tweaks to the format as we move forward, so you’ll be hearing a lot of stuff you might have never heard before.

Here are the general rules: 1.

We’ll be doing live Q&A.

That means you can ask questions, ask questions.

No editing necessary.

If you have a question, we’ll be happy to try to get it answered.


We’re doing live podcasts, so if you want to listen to the podcast live, you can.

But the podcast itself will be hosted on Axos.

We’ve been talking to a couple people about how to make it happen, and they’re going to help us out with a lot.

But Axios Live is the place to be, and I can guarantee that it will be the place you’ll want to hear your Axios questions answered.

You can watch a preview of the first episode here, and follow the show on Twitter at @AxeiosTonight.


We have a Patreon campaign.

We want you to join us, because we need your help to make Axios as great as it can be.

You’ll get access to all the episodes on the podcast as soon as they’re released, and all the Axios content that is not on the pod will be shared in a way that is easier to digest.

But if you’re not a Patreon member, we still have a great plan for you: You’ll have access to the full podcast and the Axians’ opinions about everything from politics to the Kardashians.

So that’s what we’re going with.

But keep in mind that the first few episodes will be free, and the campaign will end on April 30, 2019.

So if you’ve pledged to a Patreon account, you’ll have until that date to make your choice.

But remember, Axios has been around for quite some time, so we’re really excited to share this with you.

It’s a show that we love to hear from our listeners, and that’s the only way we’ll continue to make the best Axios podcast possible.

If that means we can offer you access to a few episodes early, we appreciate your support.

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