August 5, 2021

The most popular films are still the ones that people go back to over and over again, and that’s not a new thing.

But with the release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 in theaters next week, it appears that the popularity of the franchise has been eclipsed by the popularity for the latest sequel, Mockingbird, which has had the best ending of the bunch.

The Hunger Game: Mapping Outcomes is a franchise that’s long been in the vanguard of the trend, as a result of a series of awards for its ending and plot twists that are typically considered classics.

But while it’s clear that Mockingbirds best ending was the one that was voted for by the fans, a recent study suggests that the franchise is actually losing its grip on the popularity that fans have long been accustomed to.

As part of a study conducted by Nielsen, a research firm that studies entertainment trends, a majority of the respondents (60%) say that MappingOutcomes’ ending is one of the top 10 best endings in the history of movies.

That number jumped to 66% for the most recent Mocking Birds installment.

Nielsen also found that the ending has a 55% approval rating on Reddit, a site that’s largely dominated by the social justice and progressive groups.

While Mocking birds ending did win the fan vote, it didn’t take long for the popularity to drop off.

While MockingBird has a 56% approval on Reddit alone, the highest score MockingBirds fans have for the movie’s ending is 34%.

Mocking the Bachelorette had a 52% approval score, while it came in at 31% on the popular social news site, Reddit.

Mocking it was also one of four movies that were voted for on The New York Times Bestseller List, which is a list of the most popular books and books that have been on the bestseller list for five consecutive weeks.

It came in as one of three films that were featured on the list that were nominated for the Best Book Award.

It’s unclear what caused Mocking Bachelorettes popularity to dip off a cliff, but one thing is certain: The end of Mockingbachelorettes is likely to continue to get a lot of buzz as a movie that fans will likely return to time and time again.

But fans who were hoping for Mocking bacheloretts to be the final chapter in the Mocking franchise won’t have that as a possibility.

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