August 7, 2021

The Philippines’ entertainment industry is on the verge of a massive shakeup, with several movie stars and actresses facing firings in the coming months.

The Entertainment Ministry has said it will announce firings of a “small number” of top stars and directors in the next two weeks, with a possible end date of May.

But what’s the fate of the rest?

In a report published by local paper The Philippine Star on Monday, the paper said the ministry would likely announce the firings, as the industry has already begun its process of retraining.

Some of the actresses and actors reportedly facing firements include former movie stars Roxanne Pascal, who is currently embroiled in a legal battle over her role in a movie called The Lady in the Yellow Dress, and her boyfriend, actor-comedian Ramon Gaviria.

A source in the film industry told the paper that the “remedies” for Pascal, Gavirisao, and others who have faced firings will be unveiled during a special panel meeting at the ministry on June 4.

The panel, which will include industry leaders and public officials, will discuss ways to combat piracy in the country, according to the paper.

According to the Philippine Star, the panel will discuss measures to “protect” film-goers from piracy and to encourage filmmakers to return to the country to make movies again.

The paper said this is in line with the government’s recent decision to ban “illegal content” and also called on the government to “end the harassment of film stars and film-makers who dare to make films.”

“They can be fired immediately,” the source told the Philippine newspaper.

“But it will be done in a fair way.”

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