September 20, 2021


A video game show called “Fazbor,” hosted by an online gaming site, is no joke, but it is not, as a report from Business Insider reveals.

Business Insider has learned that Fazbar Games, the developer of “Fazer” which launched in 2016 and has been a top trending topic on YouTube since 2017, is in talks with Tv & Entertainment to be the host of the upcoming show.

The developer’s contract states that the show will “promote a gaming industry-focused community, provide entertaining content, and include a community-driven panel discussion.”

Tv is a brand that the developer is targeting in the wake of “Star Wars: Battlefront” which was also made by EA, so the company is apparently looking to capitalize on the success of the new Star Wars game.

Tv execs are also interested in acquiring a major video game publisher, which would likely give them a foothold in the game business.

In the video, “Frazor” hosts a series of gaming challenges in which contestants have to create games that look like “Fazz” from the classic Disney animated film.

The show’s creator, who goes by “fazbear,” claims to be a big fan of Disney’s films, including the original animated “Frozen,” “Fantasia” and “Furry Planet.”

The show has also featured guest appearances from “Wizard of Oz” star and comedian Will Ferrell.

The Fazburger series is a collaboration between Tv and FazBear Entertainment, the developers of “Eggman,” which launched earlier this year.

The company also owns the YouTube channel “EGGMAN” that features “Faze,” the most popular video game in the world.

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