September 22, 2021

Palace Entertainment, a Hollywood studio, is bringing back the dance movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer in its new movie “Kingdom” in the 2017-2018 season.

It will be a one-hour-long drama about the royal family’s life in the United Kingdom and beyond.

“Kingdoms” stars Jennifer Connelly and Josh Gad as the Queen and Prince Harry and Lucy.

It tells the story of the Royal Family in the late 19th century as they battle for the British crown.

“The film will be produced by The Weinstein Company, with Palace’s David O’Connell serving as executive producer,” a Palace spokeswoman said.

“It will be directed by Mark Rylance.

It is a production of the Crown Producers and Palace’s film production arm.”

The company, which is owned by the British Film Institute, has been producing films that focus on the royal and British royal family.

The company has produced films like “The King’s Speech,” “A Matter of Style,” “The Crown,” “King’s Speech: The Musical,” and “The Great Game,” as well as a number of feature films.

The first of the “Kingies” will be released in 2019, followed by a second film in 2020 and a third in 2021.

The project is being produced by New Line Cinema, which produces movies and TV shows for Disney.

The studio said the movie is “a celebration of our history and our royal family and will provide fans with a unique experience in a world that is so diverse, so different, and so magical.”

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