October 19, 2021

Rachel Bloom, Alyssah Milano, and Alyssanne Maloof starred in the upcoming television series “HALT AND CATCH FIRE,” a show about a small town in Pennsylvania in which two families come together to form a police force, while the women each try to prove they are the only women to have ever been on the force.

The foursome, who were joined by actress Sarah Hyland, made their debut in a promo for the new season of “HALLOWEEN” on Monday.

The news of the show’s casting was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

The series is set to premiere on October 25, 2019.

Bloom and Maloof are among the many actors who will play police officers in the new show.

“HOLDING THE LINE” Bloom and Milano have starred in roles on “HAPPY MOM,” “A.N.T. Farm,” and “The Real Housewives of New York City.”

The “HALF AND CONQUERING” actress previously starred on NBC’s “HBO’s” “The Leftovers.”

Maloof also starred in NBC’s upcoming “Dynasty” spinoff, “Dykes, Dales, Dukes.”

She also had a recurring role in “HOSTILITY.”

“HELP ME WITH MY SON” In the promo, which was posted to the “Halo” Facebook page, Bloom and the other female characters are seen in the background of a snowy field, with an elderly woman with a small child by her side, as they try to catch a wild boar that has been following them.

“This was an idea that we had while we were shooting the pilot,” the showrunner, Aaron Harberts, told The Hollywood Daily News.

“There was a moment where I said to the actors, ‘What if you’re a man and you’re not wearing a coat?

If you’re on your knees, what’s the point of being a man?'”

“We had a whole bunch of these women that were wearing this big white coat and these big white gloves,” Harbert added.

“It was an exercise in storytelling, of showing them what it’s like to be the police, what it means to be a woman, to have this idea of, ‘If we’re going to be policed, we’re all going to need to wear these gloves.’

And then it’s a really, really dark, gritty, and heart-wrenching moment, but at the same time it’s fun.”

“This is what we’re talking about,” Bloom told the outlet.

“We’re trying to find that middle ground, and it’s the kind of thing that you want to see in a show.”

Bloom said the characters on “THE HALF AND CASTING” have different personalities than in the past.

“Rachel has always been very independent,” she said.

“Alyssa is much more of a lady-next-door, but it was something that we were looking to explore.

We really wanted to get into this world of women with guns.”

The episode will premiere on September 25.

“THE RISE OF THE RAGNAROK” In “THE HALLOWeEN” season 3, a new member of the Ringo family will be introduced.

The character, known only as Ringo, will play the head of a gang of robbers who will be headed by Ringo’s father.

“The Rise of the Ragnaurs” episode, which is set in the year 2021, will follow the family’s journey, and feature a lot of action and violence.

“I’m so excited about this,” Harbers said.

He said that the actors “were so into the idea of doing it, that they wanted to do it as a family show.”

Harbers added that “The Ringo Gang” episode will take place in a very rural area, with Ringo and his friends traveling to a remote location to confront the ragnaurs.

“They’ll do a lot with their guns,” Harries said.

“‘The Rise Of The Ragnaur’ is a great example of what a family-driven show can be.”

“The gang will have a different set of characters,” Harbergs said.

Harberks said that in the show, Ringo will “be the kinder, gentler, gentlier, gentlier guy.”

The actor said that he and his fellow cast members are excited to be working on the show.

Harbers told THR that he’s hoping the series will be an “action-packed show.”

“I think the audience will be surprised by how much of this stuff we have,” he said.

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