October 13, 2021

Hollywood’s entertainment industry is preparing for a showdown with Donald Trump’s “enlightened America” campaign to keep its jobs and revenue afloat, but the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and other industry groups say they’re ready to fight back.

The Trump administration is pushing for tax cuts for entertainment and other industries to help boost the U.S. economy, but critics say the proposals would devastate Hollywood.

The Trump administration has proposed cutting the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent.

“If we are not allowed to do business, we will not survive,” said Joe DiGenova, president and CEO of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

“We will fight it.

We will fight the administration’s plan to cut taxes and we will fight all of its promises to create jobs and make our industry competitive.

We have already begun to mobilize.

We are ready to be aggressive and to take it to the White House.”

The Hollywood Chamber and other business groups have already been vocal in their opposition to Trump’s proposed corporate tax cuts.

Hollywood Chamber CEO John Bergmayer said the tax cuts could “destroy the Hollywood economy.”

“The only thing that is keeping Hollywood afloat is the American people, and the American economy as a whole,” Bergmayers said in a statement.

“It is not fair to the American public to slash taxes on the very people who make our entertainment industry possible.”

And the Hollywood foreign press association, the top trade association for the media industry, also blasted the Trump administration’s plans.

“The administration’s corporate tax plan is a disaster for American businesses, for Americans, and for the entire world,” the association said in an emailed statement.

“As the Hollywood and international press groups, we have warned for months that the Trump Administration’s plan would lead to mass layoffs, economic chaos, and a decline in press freedom,” it said.

“We will be prepared to fight any and all attempts by the administration to undermine our freedom of speech, and we stand ready to do so as well.”

While the Trump campaign has called the proposed tax cuts “a win for American jobs and business,” the Chamber said it’s worried about the impact the cuts will have on U.K.-based film studios.

The Chamber said the U,K.-owned studios could see their revenues fall by up to 60 percent as a result of the plan.

“This is a win for British businesses, but it is a loss for American workers, as American jobs will be cut and our economy will be weakened,” said David Sacks, president of the British Film Institute, in a release.

“And it is not a win at all for American families, who will be forced to live with the impact of the tax cut for a generation.”

Meanwhile, the Hollywood Federation of Music said it is “actively preparing to defend” its Hollywood studios.

In a statement, the group said it has been working closely with the Chamber of Industry to ensure that it is able to respond to any threats to its interests.

“Hollywood is not going anywhere,” the statement said.

“If the president wants to keep American jobs, he must listen to the voices of American music.”

Hollywood’s foreign press associations are also working with their counterparts in other industries.

The United Kingdom’s BBC said on Wednesday that it was preparing to fight Trump’s plans in the international arena.

“The UK’s music industry has long been an integral part of our economy and has been a vocal critic of President Trump’s policies on the economy and trade,” the BBC said.

The UK music industry, which employs more than 6 million people, has voiced its concerns about the administration and its plans.

“In a world of rapid change, the global economy will continue to be shaped by globalisation and economic uncertainty, not by policy,” the group’s statement said in part.

“A Trump administration will undermine British industry by cutting taxes and cutting access to global markets.

It will undermine the international trade agreement we have signed with the United States.

And it will make British artists less able to compete with global giants.”

Meanwhile in Europe, the British Chamber of Directors said it was “extremely concerned” by the “tension” between the Trump White House and the entertainment industry, and was prepared to defend it in the European Union.

“It is very important that we remain in close communication with the White, who is a very important voice for our industry and who has a clear vision for our future,” the BDC said in its statement.

The BDC, which represents the film and television industry, has said the Trump-style tax cuts would “decimate the industry and hurt the U.’s artists.”

“This administration is determined to destroy the entertainment and film industries.

They are threatening our livelihoods, our culture, our values,” the organization said in the statement.

The BDC has previously slammed the administration for threatening to cut the U of S. contributions to the EU.

“This is not the way to build the future

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